Silver Mountain






Silver Mountain Live Stage 8580 Amriswil. 11.November 2017/ 21:00 Uhr
Silver Mountain Live Wisa Bar Lenzburg 4.November 2017/21:00 Uhr

WICCA / Club Vaudeville Lindau

14.jan.2017 Palawan Virus Radolfzell / D



























9. März 2016 Ebrietas ZH / CH
20:00 2Black
21:30 Defender


GatorBar2016.jpg        GatorBar2016.jpg



2Black Live Planet 5 Zürich Sa.27.Juni 2015 19:30




















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2Black "Evil Spirit" Digital Single                      release dec.2.2014
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2Black /The Burden Remains                               Fr. 19.12.2014 (CH)
2Black /Orefick/Wicked Plan                              Sa. 20.12.2014 (CH)
  christmas2014.gif     Neugasshof9.14.jpg     k9_2014.jpg
2Black + MindPatrol Neugasshof ZH                         Sa. 27.9.2014 (CH)

WICCA im K9 in Konstanz                                    Fr.9.Mai.2014 (D)
pontem18.1.14.jpg 2014.jpg 1.jpg 1529726_241544706027071_1070486554_o.jpg

Rate to Hate

Mabon-Wicca-Elyria+Alk-Tod               Live 18.Jan.2014 Pontem Herisau (CH)



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Mabon-Wicca-2Black        Live Fr+Sa29.+30.Nov.2013 Geisingen(D)Kreuzlingen(CH)

PALAWAN VIRUS                                       SA.28.Sept.2013 T.O.M. Kreuzlingen (CH)

Official Blaze Bayley
It has been a wonderful 4 shows to end the Russian holiday European tour.thank you to every one who supported me on this tour. The end of the Russian holiday world tour will be December in Brasil. Then In January the full metal soundtracks of my life world tour starts in South America . The only problems we had on these 4 shows was with Anna sleep standing and I have given up M&MS and biscuits and jack Daniels , so I had to deal with cravings for that. Last night we had party after the gig which involved darts and teaching the staff and regulars at T.O.M the game of Norwegian Killer. It was a perfect place to end the tour. A nice intimate gig with great fans and darts after the show. Now ten hours driving back to Belgium and finishing the book for the platinum edition of soundtracks. Cheers every one have good week.
  Wicca_DRI.gif Exodus-Flye Exodus-Opener2.jpg 17.7.13-Exodus-Opener.jpg
- WICCA + EXODUS                       07.Aug.2013 Club Vaudeville -Lindau (D)
- WICCA          CANCELLED!                 04.Aug.2013 Sommercasino Basel(CH)
- 2Black                  Digital Release / Album: MIND INFECT / June 11.2013
 BridgeBlast2013       BanneralbumPresent2012.jpg
- 2Black                 Album Release Party 09.02.2013 /Met Bar/Lenzburg (CH)
- WICCA                                             25.01.2013 Metalvetia (CH)
- WICCA    and very special guest, us tsüri!!!!!!!!   02.01.2013 Ebrietas (ZH)